Overwatch has quickly placed itself as -the- competitive shooter, butting in the throne previously held by CS:GO.

The 2016 Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention took place this September 10th, and all Overwatch teams in the region duked it out for cash and gaming gear prizes in the Mountain Dew Cup.

The 2-days tournament brought teams both veteran and new, and at the very end, we saw the finals between Team Elevellon and Insidious Gaming (iS Gaming).

After a heated battle and a great final, iS Gaming came 2nd place. We talked to the Team Captain, Adrian Loy (codename “L0Y”), about his team’s showing and future.


He pointed out physical drain as a major setback during the finals, but also how the team is still stabilizing, due to the recent roster changes the team has suffered after some players left for other duties.

Overwatch is all about teamwork, and a member swap means he and the whole team have to adapt to a new playstyle, atop the constant catching up with the metagames, strategizing and improving.

“Our team has great synergy. We put trust in one another in and outside of games. However, being good is not enough.”

Even then, he feels satisfied with the team’s outcome in the Mountain Dew Cup, noting they trumped the Unestablished SEALions, half of Singapore’s Overwatch top duo (along team Avalon).


L0Y told us that, if you are really passionate about a game, competing might be the best path you could possibly take, but you must know a lot of the commitment is invisible to the audience.

“Just be sure to expect hard work along with the fun.”

We were impressed to know L0Y picked up pro gaming just a year ago, and just recently convinced his CS:GO group to compete in Overwatch!

iS Gaming is determined to finish up their team roster and stay on top of future competitions. You can follow their Overwatch and CS:GO path at iS Gaming’s Facebook.

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