Rumors around Sony have appeared in the last months, mainly because of it’s new console, which is yet to be announced in detail this September 7th, but is highly suspected thanks to multiple leaks to be a more powerful PS4 called Neo.

While the existence of a PS4 upgrade is confirmed by Sony, no one said anything about a Slim version, so when Neogaf users found a PS4 Slim for sale on Gumtree (thread in constant updating), just showing the box, they rushed to contact the seller and discover, just what was he thinking, selling a nonexistent, non-announced console?



After some, uh, negotiations between some users and the seller, he agreed to open the box and show it’s contents, and the Internet was presented (and flooded) with extremely detailed and convincing pictures of the console.


Of course, it could still be ruled out as a greatly crafted forge, until it’s auction closed, and user @sshortmaneighty2 announced himself to be the buyer.

He was also pretty quick to post a gallery of pictures of his prize, most of them putting it along his own PS4 for comparison.



More pictures can be found on Pushsquare. Mainly close-ups and side-to-side comparisons.

Some of the main features are:

All in all, it’s just the slightest upgrade to the PS4. We don’t know if this is the fabled Neo (the box only says “PS4”, still a tad suspicious), and hope it isn’t, because that would make Sony’s upcoming press event underwhelming, to say the least.

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