There are some exceptionally hard to find Pokémon… while others are just causing uneeded headaches.

Despite its exponential growth, Pokémon Go is still in its early days, which means no special events, and no legendary Pokémon for the time being (heck, their data isn’t even included in the app yet, unlike Ditto which is nowhere to be found… except in the game files).

Here, we compile some of the rarer finds for those looking to complete their Pokédex or need to power up their teams to take back those gyms. We’ll first check out the easy-to-get, easy-to-miss ones:


After that, just tap him and commence this special battle. Note that all starters are rare finds, but Pikachu surpasses by far the elemental trio in terms of difficulty, so this might be your only chance to get one in a long time.


Note that this will only work once per eeveelution, and make sure the server has saved Eeevee’s name before evolving it (of course if you, say, get a Rainer Flareon you know the server screwed you up and are free to try again).


The next ones will be a pain to get until some other methods are discovered, but for now:

Dragonite itself is an absurdly rare find, so you might be better off loading on Dratinis and Dragonairs to evolve him manually (overall it’ll require 100 Dratiny candies).




When hunting for these (or any other Pokémon for the matter), remember to take advantage of the Ingress trick: since Pokémon GO inherited it’s database and algorythms from Ingress, if you have both apps, you can first go to Ingress and hunt for XM (white dots you collect to advance the game).

These mostly appear in highly populated areas, and the exact spots you find XM with are also choke-full of wild Pokémon! XM are easier to pinpoint that the elusive monsters (which can escape you from just steps away), so if get stuck looking for Pokémon, quickly switch to Ingress and check if you should move some steps back or outright outta there.


High XM density spots include crowded areas like shopping malls and parks (which also fits the reports of many trainer’s rarer finds).

Also, most Ingress portals become Pokéspots and Gyms in GO, but if you see a Portal that isn’t, go there fast, for it will be overflowing with XM – and with it, rare Pokémon. Remember to check frequently, as XM, just like Pokémon, need some time to re-spawn after people get a handful of them.

Finally, most, if not all of the rarer Pokémon you see people bragging about can be found in 10km eggs, which has proved the fastest way to get high CP, hard to find ones (no, the guys with the 1000-1500 CP gyms full of Aerodactyls and Vaporeons didn’t just grind their way there… the whole time, at least).

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