Lady Layton: meet the new Professor in town.

The king of puzzles passes the torch to his daughter.

In Lady Layton: The Conspiracy of King Millionaire Ariadne, the new game of the now “Layton” series, you will once again solve all kinds of puzzles to uncover the mystery surrounding a tragedy… of which we don’t have any details yet.

What we do know for the game’s trailer, is Cattley Eyl Layton (or Katrielle Layton according to some sources, we’ll go with Cattley). With a little more temper on her side than her father, Professor Hershel Layton, she travels London with a desire to solve mysteries and the conviction to face even the most Sisyphean, if utterly mundane tasks and riddles.


We also have some glimpses of Cattley’s companions: a talking dog (who seems to be the voice of reason of the two) and what seems to be her personal butler (saving the president’s life must have secured Professor Layton some good remunerated opportunities, it seems).

Also, the puzzles look more like minigames that the usual “think twice, touch once” of the DS and 3DS games – a logical choice for its new market, since the game will come out for 3DS, Android and iOS.


As counter-intuitive as a Professor Layton game without the eponymous character souns, Level-5 has already swapped him out in the mobile exclusive spin off game Layton Brothers: Mistery Room, where we control Lucy Baker, aspiring detective under the wing of Alfendi Layton, which is no other than the professor’s son.

When Level 5 announced The Azran Legacy would be the last Layton game featuring him as the main character, no one was really expecting another “after years” since Mystery Rooms was a mobile spin-off. In the end, looks like they pulled off a Batman Beyond under our noses.

Also, Lady Layton’s animation sequences come by the hand of anime studio A-1 Pictures, which you might remember from Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, Ao no Exorcist, Ano Hana, and many more popular series. They went as far as featuring all the seiyuu right there in the trailer (though I can’t personally testify if they are familiar faces from those series, or just popular voice actors).


Lady Layton is scheduled for a spring 2017 launch… in Japan. No words for the western world yet, but with the series (and it’s Phoenix Wright crossover) success overseas, they’d need a darn good excuse not to do an international launch. I’ll bet on Cattleya for our Lady’s localized name.

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