Dance to the beat of flying axes and wall flamethrowers in this brutal, and unique platformer.

We are accustomed to playing games to the rhythm of upbeat songs.

From giant brands like Dance Dance Revolution and App Store hits like Geometry Dash, to something as simple as timing your attacks in RPGs like Pokémon so the final blow synchs with the end of a cool battle theme, music is easily one of the biggest pleasures everyone shares and videogames nail.

But these guys took that to the next level. Hello There Games took inspiration from their favorite music to make She Wants me Dead,.

More specifically, they heard “She Wants me Dead”, by house-producing duo Cazzette, and decided it was so good that it could carry a whole game on its own.

In She Wants me Dead, we meet Lula, a cat who has had enough tail-stepping and bed-elbowing from her master. One night, Max wakes up trapped in the center of a contraption whose traps that range from falling floors, fire coming from all directions, electrified floors, spikes, and axes flying everywhere.


The platform puzzler Max faces now can only be solved with wit and a good sense of rhythm, as all the traps are synched to the game’s one song, so you can escape death by the slimiest of chances as long as you keep your tempo.

The game is visually dark (as should be, we talk about a clear murder attempt) but maintains a humorous, if dark comedy atmosphere even with such a brutal theme (you can still put angel wings, dog costumes and skirts to Max after all). If you liked Limbo’s visual style and theme, this one is very similar.


The creators talk about the difficulties of merging a game so deeply in one song, and how they tried many complicated attempts to combine both things as one while preventing the song from stalling out.

In the end, they left all the hard work to good ol’ level design (and synching visual elements of course), so the game itself will keep things lively while the song serves to guide you through it.

According to its creators, the game is still very hard, but even then, they hope you can enjoy it as much as themselves – as well as the song, which they still love after dying to it so much!

She Wants me Dead is now available for Ps4 and Steam (with many people asking for a Vita version).

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