Five Night’s at Freddy’s 5 first Trailer is out.

The deeper you bury it, the more alive anger becomes.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location, the next game in the famous horror franchise, was announced a month back, and some hours ago Scott Cawthon has finally released the first trailer.

It doesn’t actually show the gameplay (even though is unlikely it’ll change from previous installments), serving more as a teaser for the new animatronics and, presumably, the new location of this game.


These new animatronics have a less beastly, more feminine look to them, even featuring a ballerina and a female clown child, who appears to be the “leader” of the gang, as Freddy was in his own place.

They also feature more movable parts in their faces, hinting at more complex facial expressions (and face-splitting jumpscares).


“Deep below ground…where memories sleep…anger is restless …and secrets don’t keep…” is spelled out while we hear the sounds of the animatronics, hinting at the possibility this new location might be underground (maybe even just beneath the restaurant we all know?).

There are already lots of fans scrutinizing the trailer on Youtube looking for hints of the plot and connections to the previous games.


Sister Location is set to launch this fall for PC, and we can expect porting for other platforms soon enough.

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