The newborn Capcom Mobile Division seeks to grow their market along mobile gaming’s own.

Mobile gaming is rapidly surpassing the classic console market, and right now compromises about 85% of all mobile app downloads. For comparison, while the mobile gaming market is expected to grow from its actual 34.8$ billion market  to 75$ billion by 2020, the same numbers for PC gaming hardware amounts for 24$ billion now and around 30$ million for 2018.

So, Capcom’s recent integration with Beeline (3G-4G Service Providers), whose Interactive Japan Inc. division forms the new Capcom Mobile division, comes as no surprise for a company so famous for squeezing their franchises to the pulp/exploring varied marketing strategies, like Anime, Arcades and Pachinko Machines (the latter both, together, accounting for at least 25% of the company’s revenue).


Capcom Mobile “aims to produce hit titles both domestically and abroad by aggressively utilizing the company’s popular IP”, planning to release 4 titles before March 31 of 2017 hits, including popular franchises like Megaman, Monster Hunter and Sengoku Basara. They thank their alleged production speed to Beeline’s integration, which leads to faster decision making overall.

Capcom already saw some success in the mobile scene with Monster Hunter Explore, and adaptation of their prime action RPG for Android and iOS, reaching a million users back in October 2015.


They also talk about “strengthening their licensing business in Japan”, which means licensing already successful titles in Asia to earn profits for them. There aren’t many details on what this would entail yet.

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