VirtuaDolls Controller: The Dream is VR? (NSFW!)

”Feel the Game” is the catchphrase of the IndieGoGo funded adult toy/game controller.

After a hiatus caused by… high demand (!), VirtuaDolls IndieGoGo campaign is up again. William Spracklin, it’s lone developer, expects to raise $50,000 in a month to finish production deals, and judging by the fact it’s already over 14k on a single day, it’s success is a given.

Spracklin went head-first for the first thing way too many people thought when they first heard about Virtual Reality: VirtuaDolls, a fleshlight videogame controller, will take you to the next level of adult gaming (and VR Porn), he assures.

Not one to not take his job seriously, he details everything about VD’s potential: movement synchronization with the screen, sensitiveness for your action, silicon elasticity, comfort, quiteness, and it’s 100% ISO approved, skin and body safe-ness in its 6 different textures and 8 colors, among any other perks that should totally be on your mind before buying an electronic fleshlight. The planned suction module is went on hold, but will come back.


The game will come bundled with its first compatible VR Porn game: Girls of Arcadia, a First-Person adult adventure game that…

…doesn’t look incredible by, let’s say, Playstation standards, but we are talking about a) A young technology and b) A game created by the same man putting his heart and soul in the device itself.


To boot, the Software Development Kit (SDK) will be available from the onset. In his words, Spracklin wants everyone to realize their fantasies (women edition is on the works, too), so programmers will have the Unreal Engine Plugin free of charges, royalties and commercial responsibilities, plus a promised Unity3D Plugin in the works and planned VR Stream compatibility.

VirtuaDolls works with other controllers too! Aside from its own gamepad strap, there will be mounts for Xbox One and Steam controllers (so developers can integrate existing projects onto the device)…


Just don’t ask how that works out yet.

The VirtuaDolls controller already works for PC and Oculus Rift, with planned compatibility with OSX, HTC Vive and, once it’s funding reaches the goal, also for Google Cardboard, Android, and iOS devices.
You can support the campaign on IndieGoGo, and don’t worry, Spracklin covered privacy too: backing is anonymous and boxes will ship without labels, marks or anything.

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