This Mini-Series will follow titular Michonne during her absence in the comics.

This Telltale mini-series explores a fan-favorite character that hasn’t had enough time in the spotlight: with a badass attitude, mysterious past and her loyal weapon (a plain old Machete), Michonne has earned big interest in the comic’s fandom, and these titles will reveal a lot about her troubled past.


The teaser features her in a depressed, almost lunatic stage, seeing hallucinations of her children in their last moments (a zombie raid in her house) while she slashes back at her own memories of the monsters. The final seconds (where she points her gun towards her head) give us a good look at how deep down she really is, yet she finds the strength to join Pete in a search for survivors of the zombie massacre.

While the teaser isn’t full of Telltale’s almost trademarked hard decisions, those are a given anyway, and instead showcases the violence that will shroud Michonne’s troubled mind. Since this will be Telltale’s first time making a whole series (if only a mini-series) about a single character, we can expect a very thorough treatment of her story.


The Walking Dead: Michonne will consist of 3 mini episodes, with the first one (aptly named In Too Deep) launching Feb. 23 (25 for mobile devices), and the second and third launching in March and April; for $14.99 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Android and iOS (phew!). Michonneis voiced by Samira Wiley, which some of you might recognize as Poussey from Orange is the New Black.

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