Ever thought you could do George Lucas’ Job better tan him? Yes? Now is your chance, try to not get an aneurysm.

If the title “You’re George Lucas In 1975. Can You Create ‘Star Wars’?” isn’t clear enough, you quantum leap inside George Lucas, circa he still was struggling young prospect with only a couple movies under its belt, as he finds meaning and inspiration from Spielberg, Akira Kurosawa and Tiger Woods… to resist his urge to invent a pasta strainer that won’t get little pieces of spaghetti stuck in, instead of a movie trilogy like his bosses surely demand.


This little, but hilarious Clickventure is brought by the hands of Clickhole, which… does this sort of thing often, really. The pictures and multiple decision don’t even try to create any sort of historical authenticity, instead exposing you to all the things that could have possibly gone wrong (and boy are they many).


The morals on teamwork are pretty spot-on, too.

To be fair, he imagined a fully robotic moon only 6 years after the first moon landing. The optimism was there.

To be fair, he imagined a fully robotized moon only 6 years after the first moon landing. The optimism was there.

Thanks to Clickhole for this interesting experience. If you excuse me, I’ll keep trying to evolve into the ultimate life form: a duck.


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