A new teaser has revealed the most famous car in superhero lore… leaving a bat-shaped explosion on the goal.

As if the soccer-with-go karts premise wasn’t mad enough, now Psyonix, the heads behind the psychics-based game, are getting their hand on more licenses.


Aside from the Batmobile, the 2 dollar DLC, scheduled to release March 8th, features a special set of 3 antenna flags, one for each of Batman v Superman’s main characters (the 2 eponymous heroes and Doomsday).

This isn’t something new to the rather young Rocket League, which last year also released a Back To The Future themed DLC for the same price (in contrast to the usual 4$ of the “main” DLC’s: Supersonic Fury, Chaos Run, and Revenge of the Battle Cars).

Since its debut in July 2015, the game has grown at lightning-fast rate – Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix’s marketing VP, recently spilled some numbers on a Kinda Funny’s Twitch Stream:

Right now, the game has generated over $70 million in revenue (with $20 million of those just since December, showing an exponential growth), and counts with an audience of over 11 million players. Rocket League is really honoring its name in the charts.


The Dark Knight’s ride will be available to all PlayStation 4, Steam and the just released  version of the game.

Sometimes how far such simple but fun ideas can go is astounding, isn’t it?

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