The open, multiplayer beta will run until January 18 for PS4 and Xbox One players, with PC on its way.

In this beta stage, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 pitches you inside the new Backyard Battleground, the hub world that connects you to every map and mode in the game. As of now, the game’s content includes:

But perhaps the most interesting addition is of the new character roster that poses as the protagonists. Here they are, quoting EA:


According to EA, these new characters are meant to help you balance the game to your liking, ex. you can use the supporter Rose for survival missions or the beefy Super Brainz for full-on assaults, or just fill the gaps so your balanced team can handle anything.

If the trailer and previous games (both Garden Warfare 1 and the og Plants vs. Zombie games) are an indicator, the game won’t take it’s “story” seriously anyway, so their personalities most likely will provide some good laugh fodder – not like that’s a bad thing, as the humor is one of the strongest points in the whole series.


Back to the game, PC players still have to wait a bit to test the Beta (but they might get a chance to test more stuff, so there’s that); but all Xbox One and PC players can beat the February 23 official launch (for them and PS4) by 5 days with their EA/Origin Access membership.

Read how to get the beta here (still some hours away at the time of this writing).

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