Final Fantasy 9, coming back on PC, Android and iOS.

The Playstation title won’t be suffering a makeover, though.

Square Enix has announced a new port for the ninth installment of the franchise with a re-launch trailer. Unlike what we (dreadly) saw with the mobile ports of Final Fantasy VI, though, Final Fantasy IX will mostly retain its visual integrity, and most changes to be expected could be akin to the ones from the PSOne Classics release in the Playstation Network – extra missions and side-plots.


Final Fantasy IX was released late in the Playstation’s life, back in 2000 when the Playstation 2 was already launching worldwide. It didn’t stop the game for becoming a cult classic even among Final Fantasy enthusiasts, and receiving Metacritic’s highest score out of all games in the JRPG franchise.

Much of this love comes from the fact Final Fantasy IX went back to the franchise roots – not only on the plot, but just look at the staggering difference between the models from Final Fantasy VIII (which developed from VII’s “darker and edgier” atmosphere)…



…and IX’s, whose cartoonish looks, heralded from the first games, would only be revisited in spin-offs like Crystal Chronicles.


(models via deviantart, extracted by twinlightownz)

Final Fantasy IX has no new release dates yet. With no graphical enhancement behind, let’s hope they are using the time to include good extra content.

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