Far Cry Primal trailer reveals your new tribal enemies.

The Tribal War leaders will do anything to fight against extinction.

The latest Ubisoft trailer and screenshots have shown us the different tribes players will be facing in the upcoming Far Cry Tribal in a race for survival.

Taking the role of Takkar (the last survivor of a hunting squadron), you are to take command of the fighting forces of the Wenja tribe, facing off against 2 other tribes for the majestic land of Oros: the Udam, the cannibal tribe led by savage warrior Ull, and the Izila tribe, which have mastered fire as a weapon under the command of priestess Batari.


Set in 10,000 BC, this Far Cry series spin-off aims to be a complete single-player experience, focusing on the player facing behemoths like mammoths and saber-tooth tigers while surviving sieges from, and racing against the other tribes.


Ubisoft also released a video explaining how the game will keep true to the Far Cry roots, while fleshing out the new atmosphere and characters.

As of this writing, Far Cry Primal is set to launch February 23 for PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC edition for March 1 and pre-order available from the game’s website.

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