System Shock, Bioshock’s spiritual ancestor, will get a sequel.

After 16 years of its second entry, the 5-day countdown has started for System Shock to get back.



These are the words you will get if you check the game’s official page. The ominous screen also displays two S’s and, most prominently, a countdown clocking at December 13 as of now.

The new entry of the franchise, though, will be ran by Otherside Entretainment, the studio founded by System Shock’s co-creator Paul Neurath, composed of ex-members of the now defunct Looking Glass Studios (responsible not only of System Shock, but of Ultima Underworld and Thief), and feature the work of Joe Fielder (BioShock Infinite).

Since its inception in 1994, System Shock became a cult classic, and went forth to become inspiration for 2 other critically acclaimed franchises: Deus Ex, and its “spiritual successor” BioShock.


Comic by Winston Rowntree for Cracked.


It has been a month since Night Dive Studio’s acquisition of System Shock, and in the mean time they have released an enhanced port of the original System Shock, as well as announcing a reimagining of the first title of the legendary horror franchise.


In 5 days we might get some pics and know actual details about the game (where will it be available? it’s going to be crowfunded?); but whatever they throw us , you can count on expectations for this game to be extremely high, considering System Shock’s profound legacy in the Sci-Fi shooter genre, and story-driven First-Person Shooters in general.

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