Kojima has officially left Konami… to form his own Studio and start talks with Sony.

Today, and after months of internal turmoil, Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima has left the videogame giant.


It has been months since Kojima revealed his intentions of leaving Konami, after the latter removed Kojima Productions’ from the promotional material of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain back in march, and later, by cancelling his collaborative work with director Guillermo del Toro and mangaka Junji Ito on Silent Hills, the would-be latest installment of the horror franchise, with the disbanding of Kojima Productions being the coup de grace.

We will now be able to hear Kojima’s version of the story, which was kept shut because of his contract with Konami. The company’s less-than-stellar (read: inhuman, ridiculous, unrespectful, etc.) employees’ conditions were brought to light with a report back in August, but Kojima’s involvement with such a big name as Metal Gear made him deserving of a special treatment – namely, how Konami prohibited him from attending The Game Awards 2015, as revealed by the event’s producer Goeff Keighley.

However, the man is now free and ready to mount his own studio, and has started talks with Sony Computer Entertainment (warning: link in moon runes), though further details are unknown yet. He already stated MGSV was the last of his planned entries for Metal Gear, but he already showed interest in following his work with Del Toro and Ito, so we might see a future for Silent Hills in the Playstation – or just any idea Kojima might have saved for this exact occasion.

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