This year’s PlayStation Experience event has been full of incredible news: from Paragon, Epic Games’ new MOBA, to Destiny´s race mode, Bastion and BIT.TRIP’s relaunch for PS Vita, Black Ops 3’s Sony-exclusive DLC, and more. The most important news for RPG fans, however, are those regarding Final Fantasy 7´s remake.


To promote (as if it was needed) the new Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 4, Square Enix has finally released its Final Fantasy 7 port along the remake’s PlaysStation Experience 2015 trailer.



This new trailer gives us a first look inside the game: the new emphasis in cinematic sequences (akin to that of the latest Final Fantasy installements), a reworked visual style that better matches FF VII´s dark plot, involving corrupt corporations and goverment quarrels, and the gameplay, that has shifted to the more recently popular Action RPG style, with flashy animations equally suited for a Naruto game.



For more conservative fans (or people that just can’t wait), though, the original’s re-release for Steam is now available from today on Playstation 4, featuring an enhanced resolution and new achievements, while still being a loyal port.

The Playstation Experience is being streamed everywhere right now. You can follow it live on Twitch.

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