They are playing Santa this Christmas too, so log in to get your free stuff.


The company behind Destiny has revealed its holiday prizes for this year. Go online right now and you will get awarded with 15 Strange Coins and 15 Motes of Light, that’ll be received January 7.

Also, any Guardian playing anywhere between Jan 7th and 10th is also eligible for a special Emblem of which more details are unknown, to be received January 12th. All the gifts will be available for your taking at the Postmaster in the Tower once the time is right – just remember to clear your backlog if they don’t appear at first.

In Bungie words: “The season of giving is upon us, so here’s something to look forward to as you catapult into the holidays”.

I’d like to think the reason for the apparent delay in these gifts is so players can actually enjoy their holidays with friends and family instead of, you know, Sparrow Racing, but that league incidentally ends this December 29th (the winners of the Film Festival, however, were announced today. Congrats, Autumnatic, PaiNz_v, Camera Lizard, My Name is Byf and all honorable mentions, I hope you enjoy your prizes).

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