Don’t miss your chance to meet Hatsune Miku (if you live in North America)!

Hatsune Miku, the holographic pop idol, takes a rest from her videogame appearances to visit North America in her 2016 tour. Is your city on the list?


Meet the Miku Expo 2016, an upcoming tour where the world’s most popular (and only?) holo star visits the West and East Coasts of The USA.

Beginning April 23th, Hatsune Miku will continue her trip over the world, which has already brought together her fans from New York, Indonesia, Shangai, Los Angeles, Japan and a very intrigued, but nonetheless glad David Letterman on his Late Show.

This edition of the Miku Expo will cover Seattle, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto and finally New York, where she will close her trip with both afternoon and evening shows. You can check the complete schedule in the tour´s official page.

The tickets are available for pre-sale, as well as the VIP “Miku Love” tickets that come with their own merchandise packs, early access to the shows and total freedom to traverse the concert areas (presumably, with added VIP only rooms).

In case you need a briefing, Hatsune Miku (japanese for First Sound of the Future) is a 16-year old, blue-haired and energetic virtual singer. Her flesh is that of 3D graphics, and her voice computer-generated.

She is not only the first virtual idol, but also the first crowd-made one – all her singles are the work of individual people like you and me using the Vocaloid software (a singing synthesizer application by YAMAHA).

Similar programs (like the PS3 Project Diva game and its built-in “Studio” feature) have allowed fans to create their own choreographies with her and her repertoire of friends in recent years:

Other people get creative with their own visual styles:

With over 2.5 million followers on Facebook alone has packed many concert halls full, and her fame even brings the attention of more well-known icons in the western world – so far, Miku has teamed up with artists of the ranks of Lady Gaga and Pharrell Williams:

This, however, is just a minimal showing of her presence overseas, where she stars in multiple videogames (namely her Project Diva series, rhythm games featuring her and her friends), makes cameos on big franchises like Persona and is generally omnipresent in the form of merchandise and ads that span over the streets, shopping malls, subways, game centrals, music stores… you name it.

It IS Japan, though, so take that with a grain of salt.
It IS Japan, though, so take that with a grain of salt.

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