All previous movies have been set ups for the next, and Captain America: Civil War starts the climax of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, the highest grossing movie franchise ever conceived. Does the trailer make justice to the expectation of this saga? In a word: Totally.


Civil War is the crossover that marks the fall of the Marvel superheroes’ world, as they start to aim their weapons at each other.

In this first movie of Marvel’s “Phase three”, Captain America (Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans) reunites with his old friend Bucky (played by Sebastian Stan), which we saw in the previous Captain America movies as a victim of Hydra’s brainwashing in their attempt to create a super soldier of their own to face Cap.

This looks familiar...
This looks familiar…

Due to the influence of (the now back to his senses) Bucky’s friendship, and political pressure caused by a government system to control superheroes all over the world, compromising their secret identities, Captain America ends up diverging into his own faction against the political interests of S.H.I.E.L.D, the U.S. Government and, worst of all, his own friend Tony Stark (you know the guy), the Iron Man.

This split creates 2 antagonistic teams of superheroes, whose conflict will develop in multiple movies for the upcoming years; but for now, you get to see Cap and Iron Man duke it out.

...yes, here it is.
…yes, here it is.

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters May 6, 2016, just a couple months after DC’s rival film Batman vs. Superman, and precedes Marvel’s own Doctor Strange.

Actual Phase 3 plans, spanning up to 2019.
Actual Phase 3 plans, spanning up to 2019.

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