Have you settled your favorite game ever? This tool will help you decide!

Fast. Think about your personal top 5 games, games you simply couldn’t get enough of. Good? Now vote for 1 from among those, your absolute favorite. Done? And did you think which one goes 2nd, 3rd… not as easy, right?

Many of us assume we know ourselves well enough and have very solid tastes… until we are asked to decide between 2 games we love the same. I knew I loved them, but it never occurred to me to actually pit The World Ends With You vs. Pokémon Red and Blue or Smash Bros. Melee.

They seem too different for a fair comparison, but still, I technically liked one more than the other… right?
Right now GameFaqs is at quarters-finals of the Best. Game. Ever. contest for their 20th Anniversary – its exactly what it sounds like, a gigantic poll to determine the best game ever conceived.

In order to help us sort out feelings about games, user Slime Pet Kiri created a tool that grabs GameFaqs contest pool and, just by deciding between 2 games at a time, assembles your personal top everything.

Maybe some of you favorite games are not even on the list, and some choices I consider questionable, but overall it features excellent games and is very likely to reflect your true view closely, at least for the first spots which are the hardest to decide on.

In my case, there are games/series missing from the list that would make my top ten (like Ouendan, Super Robot Wars and Rhythm Heaven, but it did find Metroid Prime to be my all-time favorite, and while I can no longer physically bear to play them because of overdose during many years, I’m okay with Pokémon Red and Blue being second.


Super Mario Maker slipped in as the only 1 in the top 10 I can’t properly play yet (thought I cannot wait to own it), and I’d rather have Metroid Fusion instead Super Metroid being 8, but I’m still happy with the first 10.
Spot 14 is the weirdest of all – I’m yet to play Shadow of the Colossus (eager to, just haven’t), but I don’t even care about Red Dead Redemption, can’t recall even deciding between Bayonetta 2 and something else during the process, and I couldn’t be more confused with Cave Story, Final Fantasy VI and Tactics being under those, but I guess the “I feel the same way about both” button is trickier that it seems – it could have carried over RDD along SotC under my nose.

Still, it was fun and a good exercise. As for the GameFaqs contest, my votes today went for Melee and Chrono Trigger (and please do vote, you need no account or anything, just clicking 2 buttons).

How did your top 10 look like? Leave it in the comments and, if you got time, maybe give some words about why it looks the way it does!

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