Different retailers are competing to become the fan’s place to find their Amiibos. Falco Lombardi’s and Yarn Yoshi Mega Amiibos are only the newest in an ever-growing list of exclusives. Toys R Us has kept ahead, but Best Buy wants a piece of the cake, too.


The Nintendo figurines are known for being as cool as they are elusive; with only a handful of each produced, getting yours feels more like a chaotic race than anything. While this has jeopardized some fans, the speed at which the Amiibos disappear and go to the secondary market prove it to be a successful model, with Amiibos having already all the qualities of collectible toys plus their value as tools for Nintendo games.

As of now, Toys R Us seems like the place to go for Amiibo collector. Earlier this month we received the Bowser Jr. Amiibo (only purchasable on the store itself) on the same launch day as Super Mario Maker.


Bowser Jr Amiibo


In a recent tweet, the toy retailer announced their exclusivity of a total of 5 different Amiibos.
First, a 3-pack corresponding to Mii Fighter figures, with a price of $34.99:



Next we get 2 shadows; one of the clearly distinguishable (and extremely cute) Yarn Yoshi from the upcoming Yoshi’s Wooly World (this would be a giant version of the one already packed with the game), and one presumably of Animal Crossing’s Villager. While there´s no info for the Villager one, Mega Yarn Yoshi will sell for $39.99.


Yarn Yoshis and Mega Yarn Yoshi Amiibos


On their side, Best Buy joins the braw- uh, party, with the Falco’s Amiibo pre-orders for its Smash Bros. incarnation. Acknowledging the problem with availability, Best Buy has placed a restriction in the Amiibo’s purchase: only 1 per customer because, as with all Amiibos, quantities will be (very) limited.


Falco's Amiibo


We still don’t have clear information on the distribution details of the upcoming Mewtwo, Shovel Knight and Animal Crossing’s Amiibos. While Shovel Knight is already available for pre-order in the UK and Australia no word has come for the rest of the world, and Mewtwo’s one is already scheduled for November, but nothing about how it will be sold (Falco’s was scheduled on Nintendo’s page and got delayed for its release at Best Buy).


Mewtwo's Amiibo


The Animal Crossing ones are so many that you would guess they come in a special package (like the Retro one that includes Duck Hunt, R.O.B and Mr. Game & Watchwith no way to get them separately) even without knowing about Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

Hey, at least the Shovel Knight one assures us it doesn’t need to be a Nintendo parade all the time.

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