Batman: Arkham Knight re-launches for PC after its disastrous first release.

After a bug-filled launch that made the game unplayable in such a way it had to be removed from the online store, Batman: Arkham Knight will be re-launching Oct. 28 on Steam, this time for real, according to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Batman: Arkham Knight has been a problematic game since its “launch” four months ago. The console ports (particularly the PS4 one) were prone to some serious glitches, from the broken leaderboard system connection to the psychics failing big time.

However, by now all of these have been fixed, console players enjoy a stream of DLC, and the game has received spectacularly high scores all around.

The PC players haven’t been so lucky.


The game was released in such bad shape, it was taken out of the store just days after its launch. Rockstar Games (developers of the console versions) had to take part in fixing the mess (the PC one came from the hands of Iron Galaxy Studios, in collab with Rocksteady Games).

The WBIE offered an apology for all users, while Steam released a patch for users that already bought the game (that, among other things, fixed the until-then-capped-at-30fps frame rate and GPU performance problems, making the game actually playable).

Before that, many players had to figure out for themselves ways to speed up the game, some by tweaking their CPU configurations and others altering in-game files.


According to a Kotaku report from an anonymous quality assurance tester from the game, from the hand of Kotaku, WBIE was well aware of the “horrible state” of the PC version (also consequence of bad testing procedures) and still decided to launch it alongside its console brothers. This is not a new case – Batman: Arkham Origins, which was too made in collaboration with Rocksteady, had its own game-breaking bugs.


But don’tleave with the wrong idea, same thing happened with High Voltage’s Mortal Kombat X for PC, and its likely to happen in the future with other developers unless Warner changes some policies regarding their PC ports.


As for Arkham Knight fans, this new launch will include all DLC the console gamers have been enjoying, which contains alternate game modes, Arkham Asylum skin packs, and special characters for AR mode, some story packs and other goodies.

Only time will tell if they’ll be able to recover the trust of the PC gamers on future releases.

You can find Batman Arkham Knight on Steam. Its launch date hasn’t been updated.

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