Why isn’t Luke in Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers?

Mark Hamill is listed among the movie crew, and we get to see his robotic hand touching R2-D2 in the trailer; but Luke is nowhere else to be found. According to J.J. Abrams, director of the film, this is all just “part of the plan”.

Angel Stone Review: Cute rocks, indeed.

Angel Stone is a dark, high-fantasy mobile RPG where you join a rebellious faction against its demonic oppressors. With stunning graphic work, cross-platform support and real-time multiplayer mode, how can the gameplay hold the promise if its super-shinny package?

Exclusive Amiibos: Mega Yarn Yoshi, Falco, and more.

Different retailers are competing to become the fan’s place to find their Amiibos. Falco Lombardi’s and Yarn Yoshi Mega Amiibos are only the newest in an ever-growing list of exclusives. Toys R Us has kept ahead, but Best Buy wants a piece of the cake, too.   The Nintendo figurines are known for being as […]

Animal Gods: A Zelda-inspired quest to awaken the fallen gods.

The fumes of the Bronze Age have tainted the world. Beneath the blight lies not only corrupted soil, but husks – those of sacred beasts. Set to lift their curse, Thistle is ready to face the industrial landscape and the fiends that now inhabit it to free the Animal Gods. Animal Gods is a 2D […]

TOP SECRET: A Kickstarter inspired in… Edward Snowden and the NSA!?

The Snowden case is remembered as the biggest leak in the US history. Whistleblower? Hero? Traitor? In TOP SECRET, you take the helm of the story – now see if you made the right call. TOP SECRET is an upcoming indie game about privacy, ethics, encryption and yes, everyone’s secrets. As a new recruit in the […]

What did we miss for Silent Hills with mangaka legend Junji Ito onboard?

The short-lived Silent Hills still dwells in the minds of its fans after the official cancellation on April. Guillermo del Toro, one of the would-be collaborators, recently announced there was one last unknown, yet big name among Silent Hills ranks: horror manga legend Junji Ito. Is he putting salt on the injury, or is something […]