SOMA: Part human, part machine. All sunken.

Face the horrors hidden in the depths of sea and mind in SOMA, the latest sci-fi horror title from Frictional Games. With Amnesia, Penumbra, and 5 years in the making backing it up, what can we expect in their most story-driven game yet?   Food is scarce, there’s no one to ask for help, and […]

Minecraft: We got Survival and Creative… is Story Mode a good idea?

As of this writing, Minecraft: Story Mode is set to pre-launch somewhere in 2015. Telltale Games, the award-winning minds behind hits like The Walking Dead: Season One & Two, Tales From The Borderlands and Game of Thrones (the games), are the ones taking the pixelated reign/canvas that is Minecraft to a new, TV-script-like format to […]

No Man’s Sky: Infinite Enough.

An endless sky, with no masters or boundaries… that’s the promise of No Man’s Sky, a sci-fi survival game that uses math formulas to generate explorable universe on the spot.

Xbox Live Indie Games is officially under clock.

Yesterday, developers all over the world woke up with this in their inboxes. Starting September 9, 2015, no more paid memberships will be sold, and developers have one more year to release their games to the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace (and only through direct email contact with Microsoft). After September 9, 2016, no new […]