Amazing World Review: This game is more than just for kids!

Amazing World Overview

Amazing World is a 3D Virtual World for boys and girls of at least 6 years old to battle the forces of evil and fight for what is right. Being a browser-based massively-multiplayer-online (MMO) action game, Amazing World has a welcoming social community, child-friendly action and educational puzzles that will be sure to challenge even the brightest of children.

In Amazing World players will take control of customizable, and quite cute, creature known as a Zing. The Zings live in a wonderful place called Amazing World, where there are games, decorable homes and activities to do with friends. Unfortunately, the evil Queen Vexa has the dastardly intention of destroying Amazing World and all that it stands for. Now that’s where you come in. You are what stands between Vexa and Amazing World’s devastation. But you are not alone, throughout Amazing World’s surprisingly in-depth story you will meet both non-playable-characters and real players who will help you on your quest.

You get to customize your names with cute phrases like Truffles lol.
You get to customize your names with cute phrases like Truffles lol.

Game Development History

True to the form of other MMO titles, Amazing World is a living and evolving game, meaning that things change. Namely, Amazing World sports events that are meant to be something fun and different for its player base. These include holidays, story events and other enjoyable shenanigans.

Amazing World is impressive in almost every aspect, but even more so because it all takes place within your browser, so you don’t have to mess with any huge downloads or questionable software. The game is gorgeous, and will be right at home in the minds of children. What you can do aside from the primary story is incredible, and matches with even the most-professional of MMO titles. You can dress your Zing, customize your home, meet new friends and so much more. You can compare Amazing World, which was created by the those responsible for Webkinz online, to that of Club Penguin. The two are similar in scope, style and targeted audience, but Amazing World is so much more. Even in the browser Amazing World has full 3D graphics, real-time multiplayer action and so many more activities than that of Club Penguin. Really, it’s astonishing what they managed to stick into this game.

And... You get to play wheel-of-fortune on a daily basis!
And… You get to play wheel-of-fortune on a daily basis!

Our Conclusion

Of course nothing is perfect, and Amazing World is no exception. There are occasional moments that could potentially frighten a more sensitive child, the game can take a long time to load sometimes, and not everybody online is as kind as they should be. That said, parents have full control on the chatting and communication capabilities of their children, and the other issues are admissible. None of the game’s minuscule problems deter from the massive scope of this browser based title. If you are a parent who’s nervous about their children getting into video games, this title is one that is both friendly and beneficial to young children.

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