[UPDATE 3] We saw your questions, we asked Com2uS, and we got an answer. Check it out!

[UPDATE 2] Schizophrenic Gamer featured us in a recent video! You should check it out, he made a very thorough analysis of this interview (and sparked quite a heated discussion in the comments). Thanks a lot!

(Also, fixed a mention on legendary gear -> pieces).


[UPDATE] Thanks for your overwhelming responses! We’ve got some excellent insights in the comments, and we’ve noticed many of you share questions regarding the nature of the future updates featured in this interview.

So, we went ahead and emailed Com2uS to try and get direct responses to your doubts (yes, we asked about Nat 5 drop rates and runes).

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According to Newzoo, 42% of you are currently playing a mobile game.

The eSports scene is growing in 2017 to 696 million in revenue thanks to 191 million enthusiasts all around the globe.

Mobile-first gamers will only become more common every year.

And yet, when was the last time you heard about mobile game tournaments?

We have mobile game competitions and organisers (Clash of Clans having quite the traction), but they are still overshadowed by its most popular counterpart. This March, Summoners War (over 50 million players between App Store and Google Play) held its first offline tournament and became a pioneer in what logic says should be an established scene.

We targeted the man behind the spotlight

Looking to get some answers on what’s happening on the eSports mobile world, and what the big companies behind popular games are doing for it, we got some words from Min-Young Jung, director of the game production division at Com2uS, the people behind Summoners War.

First, he gave us his insight on the mobile vs. PC debate. It turns out he isn’t too worried about the competition… or rather, with competing at all:

We believe that the success of eSports for mobile games is inevitable. Some mobile games have already hosted tournaments in the form of eSports.

However, we think that mobile and PC will succeed in their own way in e-sports rather than one replacing the other.

While Jung is confident about the future of mobile eSports, he thinks it is not quite the same world as PC ones, and that both will coexist without getting on each other’s toes.

What did their research show? We love eSports both ways

How can Jung (and by extension, Com2uS) be so confident about the future of the mobile competitive scene? In part, because he and his team experienced it live at the offline tournament, where they learned a lot from watching players (and are already using the data for the game’s future updates):

The first thing we learned was, Playing and Spectating the World Arena is very exciting, and we saw a lot of potential regarding it. We are already designing future content with the ideas we got from the offline tournament.

We can’t give off too much detail, but World Arena has just begun.

World Arena is Summoners War’s PvP mode, and it added the Spectator feature a couple of months back.

Consider Twitch is the only gaming-related site on Alexa’s top 50, and how almost half of all eSport enthusiasts are spectators that don’t play the games themselves, and it’s clear how the viewers are the blood to player’s hearts.

Com2uS also plans to repeat the event this year.

Several offline tournaments and events are already planned and in progress. We’re willing to experiment with the game rules, tournament size and participants to further develop the tournament experience.

(Not) Surprisingly, they don’t focus on competing (with PC)

Upcoming events and updates are fine for the current competitors, but what about the hurdles the PC crowd faces to join the mobile world? When it comes to eSports, controls and responsiveness are a make-or-break point.

How do you manage to convince the keyboard and controller-trained folks to try the small touchscreens?

Summoners War is a perfect fit for the mobile environment, and the accessibility of mobile games has developed to be easy and intuitive enough compared to PC or console games.

Thanks to the success of titles like Shooter Critical Ops, we know mobile controls can serve eSport-level fast-paced action.

As long as the game is developed with competitive in mind, the results speak for themselves.

Never forget newcomers need to win, too

Then again, there is another problem with mobile games.

While the constant gameplay updates are commonplace on all platforms nowadays, when you add RPG elements like collectables or mechanics like Levelling Up/Upgrading into the mix (as Summoners War and Clash Royale do), you run the risk of creating an unforgiving environment for newcomers.

And even a world champion becomes a newcomer when switching games.

For Summoners War, we did some research, and common player complaints included how they could not get to speed with veterans for various reasons (most notably, the difficulty of getting 5-star monsters, the strongest ones you can summon).

Mobile games don’t need years on the market before new players find themselves face-front with an uphill battle just to “get in the game”.

So, how do you keep an influx not only of competitors but of players in general?

Recently, there was a major update including a new guide, and we got some positive feedback from the users. We’ve been balancing the game regularly so that the beginners can get used to the game quickly, and giving more rewards in the beginning and middle of the game.

While we realise it ‘s hard to acquire a 5-star Monster, in RPG games, these hardships are necessary because they make players desire something, and feel happy and achieved when they get it. That’s why we insist on keeping such sentiment.

You need to keep your focus on evolving

Com2uS is plunging in all this knowledge together to keep Summoners War a top contender in the eSport landscape.

(Speaking of the offline tournament) We’ve already been collecting an enormous amount of data. We plan to increase the chances of acquiring 5-star Monsters, as well as the number of scrolls dropped, and we’ve recently made some legendary pieces available via Crafting.

We believe many things need to be further developed, including rules, balancing and so on.

In the end, it’s about making something players enjoy

We’ll close off with Jung’s views on why diversity of platforms is a good thing:

Personally, I enjoy games of all types, including PC, console and mobile. I also enjoy watching movies, plays, and musicals. I think that all of those are unique experiences, and do not necessarily consider that they are in a competitive relation.

We wish all gamers, not just PC gamers, to enjoy Summoners War. (Laughs)

We thank Min-Young Jung for this unique chance to see what’s going on behind one of the leading faces of the mobile eSports world.

Do you think mobile will someday dethrone the PC? Or do you share Min-Young Jung’s views on both having a different place in people’s hearts? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Com2USD 2 years ago

    Been playing since the beginning of the SW conception and have to see that this news does not excite me knowing what kind of game this has become. Com2us has gradually made this game increasingly pay to win and further signs show that they only care about the money. With the reappraisal packs and the legendary rune packs spenders are guaranteed to get the best runes and mons. By buffing the natural 5 rates and focusing on “e-sports” you are basically taking a big shit on veterans players hard work to make the game more “accessible” to new players that are big spenders. On the other spectrum veterans that are willing the shell out the big bucks will create a even greater gap between paying and non paying consumers. Why is this bad for Summoners War? It will inevitably cause a large portion of the population to quit because the game is more and more focused on neither luck nor time nor skill but the size of the wallet. And that is a very very bad thing.Com2us needs to remove the Reappraisal Stones from the game, or increase the quantity that one can obtain without spending money. They have released the Reappraisal and buy your perfect legendary three times now(once in the past three months) and have shown no signs of stopping. On top of that their account security for the game remains quite frankly a joke. Summoners War use to be a great game, where strategy skill and planning were on the forefront, where time spent grinding for runes meant progression, albeit slow progression, and money generated more luck for nat 5 mons. No neither is true, money is the king of everything and profit is the only thing important even if it will cause the game to implode. Com2us, shame on you.

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there, glad to see your comment!

      Note Mr Jung wasn’t too specific; so “increasing the chance to get 5-stars” could mean anything from changing the rate to make getting scrolls easier, or just add “Guaranteed 5-star” paid tickets.

      In the end, anything they add won’t take any options away from current players, and increasing accessibility isn’t a bad thing on itself, or is it?

      Also, a lot of people love Reappraisal Stones, having them removed would be a shame (but making them easier to get sounds sweet).

      The account security issue is just something they need to work on with or without eSports in the equation.

      We don’t really know they way they’ll go with this (maybe pull a WoW or Hearthstone?), but we do know:

      – They are focusing on competitive events.
      – They want to expand on the Arena.
      – We’ll see more offline competitions soon, which means more live feedback.

      As someone who’s been on the block since the beginning, what would the changes look like if you had your way?

      • Dakota Kirby 2 years ago

        I love the reappraisal stones! Although, I do agree with making them easier to get, like the arena shop or something.

        Making the nat 5’s more accessible isn’t a terrible thing, I would rather the rate not increase but instead lower the percentage of getting the same exact nat 5 you already have.

        To the other point making nat5’s more accessible by increasing the amount of scrolls you get through events would be cool.

        I’m a big fan of this game and fear the day it gets stale. I have 2 accounts 1 at end game and 1 about 5 months old, I feel like if the newcomers commit to it there won’t be this terribly huge gap, as long as there is an in game way to farm it, then I don’t see there being an issue to add an option to pay for it.

        • Author
          Eugenio 2 years ago

          Hey Dakota, glad to see your comment!

          Lowering the likelihood of getting the same 5*s sounds like a smart way to reward the more dedicated players (they’ll be the ones seeing the benefits after all) without delving into balancing issues. Good point!

          And, Com2uS is interested on expanding its eSports appeal so, if anything, I wouldn’t worry about the game getting stale, it’s more likely they’ll shake things up in the upcoming months.

  2. HOe 2 years ago

    hey com2us when are you going to make storage over 1000 and making better summoing rates for nat 5.

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there, glad to see your comment!

      In the interview, Mr. Jung does talk about increasing the likelihood of getting nat 5s, it’s very possible it means a rate increase!

      What would a good number for storage be for you?

  3. Suggestion 2 years ago

    Well, I do not think the changes come2us is making, is going to increase the number of players. Actually it will decrease in a long run.
    Think about who’s been spending money to keep this game going.
    Heavy $ spenders.
    Do you think there will be more heavy $ spender even though this game have been out for 3 years ( considering that as an old game)
    Answer is clear. Highly likely new players won’t spend much $ compare to those people who’s been spending money consistently for some years and willing to spend for more to achieve higher rank in PVP.
    Maybe, new players will spend some $, but if you’ve been playing this game, you know not too many people will keep playing. So, They’ll spend a bit, but quit soon.
    So, do we just sit and wait for this game to die out?
    No. For example, maybe dividing area into, vet, mid, beginner.
    Depending on their level or how long they have been playing this game.
    Reward should be pretty much same.
    This way, everyone can be competitive and so in a long run, newer player will more likely to stay in this game and spend more $ as well as the old players.

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there, glad to see your comment!

      Dividing the Arena in different leagues is an excellent suggestion (indeed that’s what most eSports do to “balance out” the matches). It’s very likely they’ll end up there after the first months testing the new changes the interview refers to, a natural next step.

      However, deciding who’s on what league is always a polarising topic, and its a system that requires a long time to tune up (like League of Legends and CS:GO at their time, heck we even did some coverage on CS:GO’s Elo system long ago because you could derank on wins). How exactly would you divide the ranks, who would go where?

  4. Mallakai 2 years ago

    hi togehter,

    in advance i love that game and i play Summoners War since 3 years. i am a C3 to G1 layer on Europe.

    honestly, i was starting to laugh when i read that com2us will expand to esports. Summoners War will never be a competitive Game because of many reasons.

    first of all: violent proc rate. vio runes still to broken. RNG is to high for esports.

    second one: Elemental Advantage is a joke. for example every day a perna permanent crits my chow in RTA.

    third: there are a lot of broken monster who are outstanding in there niche. Ganymed, Tablo, Iris, Light and Water Unicorn, Verad Tiana etc.

    sorry but Asian games dont know how to balance a game at all. thats why the most of esport titles are western titles. (blizzard, riot etc.)


    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there Mallakai, glad to see your comment!

      Thank you for bringing a very interesting point regarding Asian studios and balance issues. In short, we know asian producers like to shake things up a little too much, you just have to look at Smash Bros. and Street Fighter (it even creeps out into other stuff like TCGs, say Magic vs. Yu-Gi-Oh or Vanguard).

      However, com2us is still a company with smart people behind it, and if it notices RNG issues are too much of a problem, you can be confident they’ll do -something- about it rather than let the game die. No one wins from having a game nobody wants to play, and if they look to expand into eSports they can always learn from the current kings (or even Vainglory which is doing pretty fine on mobile).

      • CanadianAPX 2 years ago

        Honestly this game is very based on P2W styles.

        I have been playing since the beginning and honestly with farming (B10’s) and saving scrolls. It feels like my effort is futile when I either don’t get a rune worth keeping (or flat stats), and when I summon 100+ scrolls I get 6 lightning. I would like them to adopt a couple things to make this game more engaging and more pleasing to players.

        For example, someone mentioned the fact the should lower the rates of getting duplicate Nat 5’s. I highly agree (have 3 Shi Hou and 3 Pungbaek’s) however, I would like them to go one step further and implement a ReRoll Scroll (Only available once from an event to avoid continuous cycles of Zaiross hunting). You place your duplicate (to feed) and get a chance to get one of the other elements (keep it only as Fire, Water, Wind) but the rate should be 90% chance at a new mon and a 10% to get the same duplicate (or 50% each of the other 2 elements and 0 for a duplicate).

        I would like to see them actually post their rates for aspects such as rune drop AND summon drop. Fire Emblem Heroes posts their summon rates. To also take it one step further, I would like it if they adopted fire emblem’s style of, if you don’t get anything in a while the rates to get a Nat 5 increase (50 summons = .5% increase?)

        They have developed the game into a P2W style which isn’t as much fun for F2P. I love this game (I am P2P), Com2us has done a fantastic job with content and art and sound. However, they need to reevaluate their rates and pay back fans for making their game a success. I know I would be appreciative to anyone who help me succeed, so please Com2us, make some changes so that all enjoy.


        • Author
          Eugenio 2 years ago

          Hey there CanadianAPX, glad to see such a well thought of comment!

          I didn’t know Fire Emblem Heroes published its drop rates, that might explain why there are so few complaints about it (unless you are talking about repeats which seem like a real pain there).

          According to many comments here and from YouTube, Com2uS is very likely to make their numbers public shortly due to legal regulations. Nonetheless, we’ve gone ahead and asked them directly to get more details on the drop rates and such. We’ll see how that goes in the upcoming days.

          You seem to care a lot about the game, so we sincerely hope any future news end up being great news for players like you.

          Again, thanks for your comment!

  5. Scam2us 2 years ago

    lol summoners war an “esport”?
    nice joke, com2us.

    a game that relies solely on RNG cant be an esport. there is no fairness whatsoever in this game.
    the ones who has the best monsters and the best runes and the most RNG luck with violent procs wins.
    how can they make that fair in terms of “esport”? they cant, cause everyone isnt on equal ground.

    sports should be about SKILL. esports like league of legends and DOTA2, the winners of those are determined by skill and strategy and mechanics (macro play and micro play). none of that is true for summoners war.

    reading this article just tells me how much greedier com2us is becoming. money money money.

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there, glad to see your comment!

      It’s true the RNG problem is a big hurdle since here it’s about the players (not) being on even ground. Most popular eSports (like Dota and LoL for instance) avoid this by making players start matches with the same resources; but Hearthstone also proves you can make “out of the match” resources relevant (in this case, the cards you have access to build your decks) and have a successful eSport, if you are smart about it.

      Do you have ideas on what should SW do to succeed as an eSport? Note Com2uS is looking to change the game, and small changes today could turn into big ones tomorrow 🙂

      • Lonlon 2 years ago

        They can start by making violent rune as a 1 proc per turn chance. I’ve encountered a lot of these monsters soloing 3 or 2 of my monsters and end up losing to a single monster, not to mention elemental advantage/disadvantage, where you rune your water monster 100% accuracy and still miss on those fire ones, you rune your monster 100% resistance and still get debuffed by an element with a disadvantage.

        If they want to make it an eSports, players should be able to choose in a same monster pool of maybe 50-60 monsters all max level and max skilled, not on their own monster list as not all have the privilege to have all op monsters on their deck. Maybe take out monsters that have RNG’s in that monster pool. Then they will be the one to choose the runes same grade and max level, It will have all the substats available and they get to choose the substats they will upgrade maximum of 4 upgrades per rune so they either choose to balance it or go cd, acc, resist crit or what ever they want to build for a certain monster. Take out Runes with RNG such as vio, rev and despair. Since it is an eSports it will be based on players skills and monster building not crazy RNGs.

  6. Jonathan Santos 2 years ago

    Ive been playing for 3 years now and is happy being a F2P user. I strongly disagree that you will get strong because of how you spent. No. It will only make you advance to others. But it doesnt matter, even a f2p player can get strong depending on how smart they play.


    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey Jonathan, glad to see your comment!

      You are right, with the correct mindset (and enough time) F2P users can even outrank those who spend big time 🙂

  7. Omar 2 years ago

    I dont think getting nat 5s is a major issue compared to having to grind gb10 db10 necro10 for weeks just to get a decent rune.
    They really need to decrease the drop rate of unknown scrolls and materials specially when in gb10 db10 and nb10. I would recommand moving all the materials in to a new dungeon.

    On top of that the success rate of tune plusing is in insane spending some where between 700k to a million plus of 15+ rune. That really slows the game down since ur so limited to hoe much mana u can obtain i honestly believe these two are more of an issue then nat 5 summons and yes i believe rune appraisals is a bad idea unless you remove the buy in package and make it completely free crafting only or events. Otherwise there would be a massive gap between top ranking ftp and ptp players causing many to quit.

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there Omar, glad to see your comment!

      Thank you for bringing up how Nat 5s might not even be the real problem! To be fair, it’s easy to start with and it helps attract new players, that might be why they’re going there first.

      Com2uS will host more events in the future and is looking for player feedback, so its likely the Runes are next since they are a more advanced issue, but a vital one nonetheless.

  8. Evbes 2 years ago

    Then how about those accounts that spent 2 year playing without having nat5’s? isn’t that too much. increasing the margin of RNG in having a nat5 might shake the balance from the F2P and P2P but that will help them both ways anyway

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there Ebves, glad to see your comment!

      It’s true increasing the chance to get nat 5s helps both F2P and spending players, but the F2P players will always see more gain because they now spend less time getting something; and time is a more precious resource, wouldn’t you agree?

      Also, this serves to ease new players into the game, since now they won’t need to spend months (or even years as you said!) before getting on par with the vets.

      Something that helps everybody is always a good thing 🙂

  9. Leonardo 2 years ago

    If you are in the end game, every little stat-increase demands months on farming due to how specific must be the rune set, stats, rune class and the number of rolls that you get into the stat that you need. Speed for example. Every little stat increase can potentially bring you into another stage.
    Thats where reaprisal work. You select the rune with the set and the class you want, and the rng works only on the stats and number of rolls into the specific stat meta.
    Now lets compare. In one month:
    – Free to play can get 12
    – pay-to-win can get 62!

    The reaprisal are great. The problem is within the financial strategy bringing disrespectful contents/packs.

    I feel now, in the stage that I am, that if I want to be competitive in this game, I’m forced to expend more U$300,00 monthly. Because my rivals are getting 62 reaprisal per month, and getting those little gold status increase.
    Additionally, if I dont buy those packs,
    I will not just stop where I am, I will lose my position.
    This is, in minor or major level, a disrespect with the years of dedication and resources pushed into the game.

    This is just one example of pay-to-win content that is starting to break the SW comunity.

    Hope that com2us read this.

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Glad to see your comment Leonardo!

      Your sentiments are shared by a lot of players here (quite a few Reappraisal lovers too). We’ve asked Com2uS directly about these (in your case how they’ll balance out the F2P aspect), so please stay tuned for any future updates!

  10. Lindy 2 years ago

    Veterans always have the misconception that by making the game easier for new players it will make old players quit because “it will take newbies lesser time to reach where they are”. In the eyes of old players it will look like it’s easier. But in the eyes of new players, they will still be as clueless on how to play the game as we were at the beginning. They will still need guidance from google or asking people.
    This game still isn’t p2w, that’s why I like this game. Although progress is slower for f2p compared to p2p, isn’t it natural ? The events held at the events tab can be completed by majority without much stress. I am thankful for this. For those who said this game is p2w you really don’t know about other mobile games ohhhh.

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there Lindy, thanks for a great comment!

      In a way, making it easier for the new players won’t take anything from the veterans, but wanting your work from these past years to make you “worthier” than a 2-months old player is a natural feeling.

      We hope a way to please both sides (lower the entry barrier while rewarding vets for their efforts) is on its way; after all, eSports or not, competitive communities only evolve thanks to the accumulated work of its veterans spreading knowledge.

  11. Alex Xiao 2 years ago

    i really dont mind about getting at 5 or not at this point, i havn’t gotten one after i summon over 200+ scrolls, but what i care more is the runes… the runes are just so dissapointing… see those legendary flat slot 2/4/6 to those 6* hero/legendary runes with substat that is just so terrible. it is just heartbreaking needing to sell those runes. Reappraisal stone is an option for substats, but there is no way to change main stat. it is also hard to get since you must be able to do some rift raid bosses, and there is a limit to how much you can purchase. sometime it makes it even worse. i really hope that they can give better runes, because there are so much non nat 5 monster out there with so much potential. But it all comes down to runes. At times i would spend almost a month grinding and not even 10 usable runes. My average Gb10 is about 1 minute, Db10 is 2 minute, and i spend almost all of my crystal refilling for runes, but the result is dissapointing. i really hope com2us can improve rune drops even more, althought only 5-6* drop improvement was good!

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there Alex, glad to see your comment!

      “Runes > Nat 5s” has been a common response for what we’ve got from here, Reddit, and YouTube.

      We’ve asked Com2uS about whether runes are next (and what exactly do they mean by making Nat 5’s easier to get, by the way), so please stay tuned and maybe follow us on Facebook, so you don’t miss any future updates!

  12. jerry 2 years ago

    I have 3 fire pandas, none are fusion

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there Jerry, glad to see your comment!

      Though, I have nothing else to say except…

  13. Roukurai 2 years ago

    Relatively new player here, well, very new. I understand that everyone wants the nat 5 increase, but as the minority states, what really helps you are the runes, not the actual nat 5*. As a newbie, I have beaten some nat 5*, non-awakened, and awakened monsters, because my team comp was better fitted, and I had the runes specified into the comp. I’m not saying that nat 5* don’t help, but they don’t guarantee the victory. I am on the same page that the game is just to dang RNG for eSports. I mean, I’ve had entire runs where none of my revenge or despair activate, causing clutch runs, or loosing the run. I saw a comment where they said they should move the runes to a specific dungeon, and I couldn’t be more on the same page. I can currently max my mana with ease to about 100K, so crafting is very hard on me, since I can only do about one a day, with the ingredients, which I cannot obtain, and thus, the crafting materials don’t really help me all that much, and what I need is RUNES. So having specific dungeons for the Materials, just like they have for essences would be a big pull.

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there Roukurai, glad to see your comment!

      In that case, you’ll like to know we asked Com2uS directly about the possibility of making runes easier to get. Please follow us on our Facebook page so you don’t miss any updates on it!

  14. MrLolipopped 2 years ago

    Honestly what i would like to see is mana stone requirements tone down or, mana stones drop from scenarios receiving a buff. Nat5 increase rate sounds good and all but its the little things that make the game better.

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there MrLolipopped, glad to see your comment!

      That’s an interesting point you bring in, not many people mention Mana Stones (probably because they are easier to get than say, runes). If we had to guess though, we’ll see more substantial changes in other areas and only then start seeing minor tweaks on Mana Stones. But who knows?

  15. Fox 2 years ago

    This article brings about it a lot of interesting points. What we see here is that COM2US is looking to move into E-Sports. But in order for that to take flight, they must first shed their old skin or it will hurt their preexisting model. There are a few outstanding questions, in my mind, that require delicate consideration during this molting process.

    Consideration for Old Players:

    Old P2W players who are active have a higher likelihood to continue to play than new players. They are the anchor of the community and they have bankrolled COM2US. They have bought in when the odds were less favorable, whether it be for crystals for energy for runes or for summons and they deserve reparation if they all of a sudden make the odds better. I suggest doing a database lookup on each player, compute the money they have spent and offer them some sort of reward based on that. This will minimize the resentment old players, who have already spent money, will feel. The idea is retention. Retain your most hooked/dedicated/active veterans.

    E-Sport Requires Balance:

    E-Sport games are heavily balanced and often rely only on mechanics to win. Their cash shop system is much, much different offering cosmetic rewards (overwatch) or earn characters faster (other mobas). This goes against the very strategy of the SW model. SW forces you to join a chat channel where you see when other people draw Nat 5 monsters. It coaxes you with dialogue boxes to buy a little something to ‘increase your chances of luck’ or ‘to grind more for a chance at a good rune.’ The SW model preys on players’ tendencies for gambling. Luck (& a tenacity to grind) are what offers reward in SW. Lady luck does not shine on everyone. Runes, such as violent runes, rely on luck.

    Face it, luck is exciting. It’s exciting to violent proc on someone. It’s stirs your emotions when Theomars/Orion violent procs on AD on you. It is this emotional feedback loop that is behind the entire SW strategy.

    A massive revamp of the rune system would need to follow for competitive play if they implemented it into game. Granted, they could do tourny play RTA style where each team chose from a pot of monsters and has the choice of different rune builds. As it stands now, I think they would need to try to think outside of the box and introduce more runes to help more away from RNG.

    Tourny play could be some special modified game that is only played at tournaments, much like in old WoW arena where your character was moved to a special server and you were all given BiS gear so the playing field was level.

    Suffice it to say, with a game centered around luck, trying to iron out that wrinkle would require a special mode or a brand new game. Otherwise, to the current game…. fat chance at realistic competitive play.


    I often hear that COM2US is concerned that they may have to post their odds in some countries (China? Thought they already did this in Korea) but they’re scared it will deter new players. Perhaps they are looking to increase the chances of NAT5s for that reason. Nothing done is out of benevolence – only profit or self preservation – they are a business after all.

    Whatever you guys do – be kind to your old players. They’ve invested a lot of TIME (& some, MONEY). Time is the most valuable asset a human being has. No one gets infinitely more of it than the next. We have to spend it wisely. Honor that and you will come out with your e-sport and retain your player base.

    Side Note:

    I sympathize with others who cannot afford to keep up with the introduction of reappraisal stones. It further spreads P2W gap for micro-upgrades in higher bracket play, where having the best runes is everything.

    This game is way too much money for packs. I should know, I have purchased numerous ones. They should lower the cost if they introduce e-sport and slowly change their model if that’s what they want to do (don’t worry I won’t hold my breath).

    We all know how dry of a desert this game can be at times. The frustration. No luck at all. Rune pieces and hard wood, millions of them. Hours of toil over a ToA floor that you just can’t RNG past. No Galleon or Verdehile. You see people with all these crazy LD nat5s and you just sit back and wonder how it’s all this way.

    You lay on the ground, heat sweltering as mister Sun beats down on your face and you’re just so thirsty. You reach out to the cruel cackling mirage of the COM2US riddler king sitting at the top of his slip and slide water park throne squirting water on girls in bikinis. “E-sports, eeeeesporrts, ahhhahaha!!!1” He laughs.

    Honor your veterans.
    Make the game more approachable for new players.
    Re-evaluate your game’s drop rates, runes, mechanics.
    Think outside the box.

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Hey there, Fox,

      To be honest, your comment is more of a mini blog post so, excellent post! You brought up a lot of interesting (and laser-focused) points regarding the feelings of both newcomers and vets, plus actionable advice and some “it’s a business” common sense for good measure.

      This is a very smart and well-written response, and I recommend you to channel this in a blog post (which we’d love you could share with us, should you do it).

      For now, all I can tell you is that I hope our follow-up questions to Com2uS proceed and they serve to alleviate some of your concerns. I highly doubt they can cover everything you mentioned (maybe not even half of it), but we’ll do what we can! I recommend you to stay tuned with us, so you don’t lose any update on it.

  16. Com2USD 2 years ago

    The only way SW will “work” as an e-sport is as some have mentioned. The mons and runes have to be a preset rather than something cultivated out of your own account, as money spent and luck has a very large impact on this game and create a huge advantage/disadvantage to other layers.. For a competitive environment strict limitations must be enforced or the advantage really has to do with the individual that gets crafts/farms the best runes and pulls the most advantageous mons which is a huge joke. Skill, decisions making and planning should be rewarded rather than blowing the most money on the game to roll the desired results.

  17. Vela 2 years ago

    Any response from Com2us regarding the summon rates yet? I have delayed my summon session since this news lol

    • Author
      Eugenio 2 years ago

      Nothing yet, though we know for a fact it got to their hands!

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