Smash 4 cast will be complete as of February 3.

Victorious from the first Smash Bros. character ballot, Bayonetta comes with 2 costumes (from her original incarnation and her WiiU sequel) and the Clock Tower Stage (likely the final stage addition, too).

According to a tweet by Nintendo, she and Corrin, Fire Emblem Fate’s player Avatar, will be available for purchase at February 3th’s afternoon, with a price of 6$ for an individual game or 7$ for both WiiU and 3DS.

The Smash update will include more Mii costumes, too:

  • Geno (Super Mario RPG)
  • Ashely (Wario Ware)
  • Tails and Knuckles (Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Chocobo Hat (How come this isn’t a Mogu costume?)
  • Bionic Armor (game original)
  • Takamaru (Mysterious Murasame Castle, JPN Exclusive)
  • Gilgamesh (Tower of Druaga, a NES game that didn’t quite have Kid Icarus’ luck)


With a finished character roster, it’s likely Sm4sh won’t be getting more updates unless they are Mii costumes. On the other hand, at this rate they would be out of reasonable third-parties by the end of the year (just imagine what they’ll need to pull off for Smash 5).


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